Tips to Help Sell Your Home During Summer

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Tips to Help Sell Your Home During Summer

Summer isn’t the best time to sell a home, with many potential buyers on vacation or enjoying time with their family. However, selling a home in summer is possible with some tips.

For much of the year, buyers are in a position of simply putting their property on the market, setting a few available times throughout the week, and little more. However, during the summer when the market isn’t at its peak and buyers aren’t out in droves, sellers need to do a little more.

Selling Your Home During Summer Isn't Impossible

To help you get started, Speedy Title and Escrow Services have a few, yet powerful tips which can assist in selling your home during summer.

Be Flexible with Your Inspection. Extremely Flexible.

During other months of the year, family and singles schedules are pretty set and can be worked around and even anticipated. However, during the summer months when children are on summer vacation and families are traveling, sellers need to be ready for buyers to knock on their door at any time. In addition to advertising your preferred inspection times, be sure to encourage buyers, unable to make this time, to make an appointment directly. Of course, if you have a sign out front of your house which advertises that your property is for sale, be sure to include a remark for people to knock on the door if a light is on, as an example. Combined, this will encourage more buyers to contact you and to walk through your door, which is exactly what you need.

Lawn Upkeep

During the summer months, your lawns are going to grow much faster than you have seen throughout the year, which means that there are more chances a buyer will arrive at your property for an inspection and be greeted with an unkempt or overgrown lawn. For this reason, it’s important that you take steps to always ensure that your yard and gardens are looking their best as often as possible while your home is for sale during summer. Whether this means creating your own maintenance schedule and keeping to it, or if the property is vacant, speaking with a neighborhood service to perform the task for you. While you may be hesitant to pay for services to a home you are selling, it is a relatively small investment in the sale itself. Smart buyers want title insurance, which requires the title of your property to be clear from issues and errors which could arise in the future and cause problems. The best way to prepare your title for this type of buyer scrutiny is with a thorough title search. To find out more, speak with an expert at Speedy Title and Escrow Services, LLC by calling (586) 739-2233.

Use the Light to Your Advantage

The best thing about summer has to be the bright sun, and this is also great for your home. The more natural light you allow into your home, the more spacious it will feel and the more appealing it will be to buyers. With this in mind, take a tour of your home and look for ways to introduce more natural light into your rooms. In addition to your curtains and shutters, look at opening doors and windows throughout your home to allow more light to flow through hallways, etc. As you tour your home and allow light in, take the opportunity to view each room as a buyer, given that you will have a much better view of your room. In particular, look for any small repair jobs.

Small Repair Jobs

Continuing on from the past tip, natural light is great for showing off your home, providing that there aren’t any small problems or repair jobs which you haven’t got around to completing. The reason why these jobs are so important during a sale is that they can affect the perception a buyer has of your home. As an example, a creaking door or a stuck window can suggest to buyers that there are problems with the foundation of the property, which in fact the problem is little more than a loose hinge or some paintwork. Whatever the small job is, be sure to fix it before opening your home to buyer inspection and scrutiny.

Title Insurance in Clinton Township

Title insurance is the best way for a buyer to protect themselves against any unexpected ownership claims made against the title. To obtain this, the title of the property being purchased needs to be clear from errors and potential problems. Speak with Speedy Title and Escrow Services, LLC by calling (586) 739-2233 and find out how you can prepare your title in advance.