Tips for Showing Your Home During the Evening

house lit up at night

Tips for Showing Your Home During the Evening

Not every seller has the time or opportunities to show their home during the day. If this sounds familiar then it’s important to follow some tips to show your home best at night. Every agent will tell you that the best time to show your home is during the day when the sun is at its highest to show your home in the best light (pardon the pun). However, with a mixture of appointments and busy schedules, this isn’t always an option for all sellers.

How to Show Your Home at Night

If you are this type of seller, below are some tips from Speedy Title and Escrow Services, LLC to help you show your home ad its best during the evening or even at night.

Front Lawn and Garden

The first place to start is with your front lawn and any front garden areas you have. Start with any large trees which you have. Light these from the base with solar powered spotlights aimed upwards. This works to give your home a grand feel, making it more appealing. If your front yard includes any shrubs or garden areas, use the same type of spotlights to show these off at their best by hiding the spots at the base of any large shrubs or by installing them at the corner of your flower beds aimed inwards to show all of your flowers and plants. When lighting your front yard, be sure to pay attention to any pathways you have. This could be the path to your front door or even a walkway through your yard or garden. Not only is this for your visitor's safety but it also works to make your home more appealing.

Front Porch

If you are lucky enough to have a front porch, start by using outdoor rope lighting to line your banister. Additionally, fake candles can be a great way to brighten your banisters while also making the area safer for your guests. If the current lighting consists of nothing more than a single light bulb above your door, consider switching this off and swapping it for a few outdoor standing lamps which can give your home a more magical feel. Smart buyers will want to take out a thorough policy for title insurance in Clinton Township, MI. Title insurance in Clinton Township, MI is the best and easiest way for your buyers to protect their investment against potential financial issues which can arise. To learn more or to find out how you can get the process started with a title investigation, speak with a title insurance professional today by calling Speedy Title and Escrow Services, LLC at (586) 739-2233.

Help Show Your Home to Its Full Size

At night, lights in your home will cast shadows. While you won’t notice this during your regular living, buyers will notice it in the form of smaller appearing rooms. The best way to combat this is to use standing lamps which you can place in the corners of your rooms which are dark or in front of large furniture items which can be causing shadows. By using standing lamps you can not only make your home look stylishly furnished but help to show buyers the true size of each room, making the overall space of your home more appealing and value for money.

Time for Your Backyard

Once your visitors have made their way through your home they will want to check out the backyard space. It doesn’t matter if you have a small backyard or a large one, be sure that your visitors can see all of it. Floodlights are a great option which can work to make your backyard safe for visitors to walk around and also spreads light throughout your entire backyard. Similar to the tip of regarding your front garden, if you have any large trees for garden beds in your backyard, be sure to use spotlights to how off each of these features to their best light.


Remembering the tip bove about the fake candles along with your front porch banister, be sure to use this tip throughout your whole home, avoiding the use of any real candles. Not only are real candles a danger when left unattended and can leave a mess, but the flickering light they produce can work to make your home look gloomy and haunted. Placing a one or two fake candles in some of your rooms can help to improve the romance of the room without adding an appealing feel to your home.

Title Insurance in Clinton Township, MI Can Protect Your Investment

When it comes to protecting a home’s title there is no better option than title insurance in Clinton Township, MI. To find out more about the benefits of title insurance or how you, as a seller, can get the ball rolling, speak with a professional at Speedy Title and Escrow Services, LLC by calling (586) 739-2233.