Take A Closer Look At Our Title Insurance Services: Our Guide

Take A Closer Look At Our Title Insurance Services: Our Guide

Title insurance is an important way to protect yourself when you are trying to purchase a property. It protects against a variety of issues that may come up when closing on a home in regards to ownership of the property Title insurance also protects homebuyers, sellers, and lenders from losses due to errors in public records or other problems with the chain of title.

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Contact Speedy Title and Escrow Services

When you need title insurance, it is a good idea to contact a title company with lots of experience and a great reputation. At Speedy Title and Escrow Services, we have been in business for more than 20 years and we have helped home buyers and sellers in Florida, Michigan, and Ohio.

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Title Insurance Coverage Details

Title insurance is a way to protect yourself from any problems that could happen with the title. It takes care of problems before they happen, so you don't have to worry about them later. Title insurance is different from other types of insurance because it focuses on preventing problems instead of paying for problems after the fact.

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Do You Need Title Insurance?

The answer to this question is yes - almost everyone who buys or sells a home needs title insurance. The only people who don't need it are those who are buying property from their spouse or another relative. Title insurance protects you against a variety of problems that may come up when closing on a home, such as a dispute about the ownership of the property or fraud.

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Speedy Title and Escrow Services Is Dedicated To Your Satisfaction

We work hard to make sure that you always have the best experience when working with us. Our experience and our customer service translates to better results for you during a closing.

Contact Speedy Title and Escrow Services today when you need help figuring out a title or when you need title insurance. We can help with any title service in Michigan, Florida, and Ohio.