Should You Hire an Estate Agent to Help You Find a Home?

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Should You Hire an Estate Agent to Help You Find a Home?

It can seem as though you only need internet access and a mobile device to find your dream home. But without the help of an estate agent, your options can be limited.

Advertisements for home searching websites and apps make it seem as though accessing their platforms is all that you need to buy a house. And while they certainly will have a good range to choose from, they aren’t yet ready to replace real estate agents.

Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent

If you are in the market for a new home, below is an article from Speedy Title and Escrow Services on the benefits of enlisting a real estate agent to help.

Access to More Properties

While it may be hard to believe in today’s technological world, but not all properties are advertised online. In fact, not all properties are advertised - period. There is a range of reasons why a seller would choose not to, from wanting to keep their selling costs down to not wanting everybody who has internet access to see inside their home. These properties are sold between real estate agents using their networks and connections and are only available to buyers utilizing an agent’s services. So, if you want to gain access to all of the properties available on the market, you’re going to need to speak with a real estate agent.

Narrow Your Selection

So you would like to buy a three-bedroom house, with a big yard. You want it to be in good shape but leave room for some renovations. You would like it to be somewhere close to good schools but not so close that school drop-off and pick-up cause you traffic congestion. Oh, and you would also like to be close to a grocery store so that it’s convenient for you to do your shopping on the way home from work, but you don’t want it to be too close that you get a lot of noise and activity. If you’ve ever used a property search website or app then you know that these are not filters that you can use to narrow down your search. However, while a website is not able to help you with this search, an estate agent sure can! Not only do real estate agents know about houses, but they also know about areas and even individual streets within suburbs which can offer you exactly what you are looking for. Before you settle on your dream home, make sure that it also comes with a dream title. Speedy Title and Escrow Services at (586) 739-2233 to arrange a thorough title search and subsequent issuance of title insurance in Clinton Township, MI. Available only prior to settlement, title insurance in Clinton Township, MI gives you peace of mind and security over the title of your home and investment.

When You Should and Shouldn’t Buy

Every buyer wants to get the best property they can for the least amount of money. Getting this is often a matter of timing. When the market isn’t in your favor then you aren’t going to get a favorable price for the property you want. Unless you have a solid understanding of the property market, it can be hard to know when is the best time to buy your dream property and when you should invest your time in something else and wait out the current market. An estate agent, however, has their finger on the pulse of the property market and, not only knows how the market is and when is a good time to buy, but also knows when it the right time to buy for you and the type of property you are looking for.

The Process

Buying a home isn’t like shopping online, where you can just tap a few buttons, provide your credit card, and wait for a delivery (imagine trying to deliver a house!). Instead, the home buying process is full of paperwork and forms, meetings, arrangements, and processes, all of which need to be done at the right time and in the correct way for a successful settlement. An estate agent can hold your hand through this process and ensure that everything goes smoothly. This includes arranging inspections, speak went with builders and buyers, and also arranging paperwork which just needs a signature. As you can imagine, this can be a great help if you don’t know much about buying a home or if this is your first time buying.

Title Insurance in Clinton Township, MI Can Protect Your Investment

Before you settle on a property and sign on the dotted line, be sure that the title is clear and that your investment is protected. Speak with Speedy Title and Escrow Services at (586) 739-2233 and find out how a thorough title search and subsequent issuance of title insurance in Clinton Township, MI can give you peace of mind. Available only prior to settlement, title insurance in Clinton Township, MI protects the ownership of your home against any future challenges which may arise.