Sell Your Property Faster With These Autumnal Staging Tips

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Sell Your Property Faster With These Autumnal Staging Tips

If you're selling your property during the fall season, staging it will help you get it off the market faster. In this post, Speedy Title and Escrow Services, LLC in Clinton Township will give you fall staging tips to make that happen.

The fall season is here, and with it comes a beautiful change in scenery, in the air, and the overall look and feel of the world around you. If you love the fall season and you're selling a property during this time, then you're in luck. Not only is the fall season a great time to put your property up for sale, but you can use the autumnal vibes as inspiration for the property's staging. As Tosa Connection states that staged properties actually attract 17% more potential buyers than the properties that aren't staged. If you want to take advantage of this and increase the probabilities of getting your property off the market, follow the tips below to stage it with an autumnal vibe.

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How to Stage Your Property During Autumn Use Fall Colors and Motifs to Decorate

Use Fall Colors and Motifs to Decorate

The fall season has a very distinct, elegant look, with darker, warmer tones of reds, browns, burgundy, and yellows being its most present colors. Not only that, but it also has very identifiable scents and motifs. To take advantage of these in your home, you can:

  • Use the fall colors as accents for decoration around the property. E.g., have the pillows on the couch be that color.
  • Light up scented candles or employ deodorizers around your house that are reminiscent of fall (such as cinnamon and apple).
  • Apples, pumpkins, and other imagery are also part of the autumnal vibe. Make them present in your home. For example, have kitchen hand towels with fall motifs.

Maintain Your Property's Exterior

It's especially important that you do a good job at maintaining your 'for sale' property's exterior during this time of year, as dead plants and leaves on the floor can make your place seem disheveled, uninviting, and a little scary. To keep it safe, functional, and looking good, focus on the following aspects:

  • Rake the dead leaves from the ground with regularity to keep them from gathering.
  • Trim the bushes and trees to keep them pretty and keep their branches from falling.
  • Take care of the gutters and downspouts. Clean them to eliminate any obstructions.
  • Change out the plants you keep outside.
  • Light the exterior properly.

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Make Use of Light Wisely

The fall season is when the light outside starts becoming scarcer and dimmer, since the days are shorter than in summer. For this reason, lighting becomes all the more important if you're staging during this season. To that end, you should have a cohesive look throughout your property. It's suggested that you use warm, yellow-toned lights to give your place a cozier look. Likewise, you need to enhance the natural light that does make it inside. Avoid thick, dark drapes, wash your windows thoroughly, and use reflective surfaces to maximize the light as much as possible. Finally, think about the exterior, too. The porch and your property's number should be visible, even at night.

Play Up the Warm, Cozy Feeling

With the progressively colder weather, people start to crave those warm, cozy spots where they can cuddle to watch a family or talk to family or friends. That's why you should play up the cozy aspects of your place. If you have a fireplace, show it off to remind buyers of how snuggle your property can be. You can also do this by lighting candles, and placing cozy throws and pillows on chairs and sofas.

Show Some Restraint

Staging a fall-inspired property can be fun, but remember that you shouldn't go overboard with it. At the end of the day, staging is meant to give buyers a clean canvas where they can picture themselves living. Basically, restrain from painting your walls a mustard yellow color.

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