Improving the Appeal of Your Home on a Budget

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Improving the Appeal of Your Home on a Budget

In the current market, it’s important for all sellers to do everything they can to set their home apart from others on the market without spending too much money.

There are times when the market is in the seller’s favor, with more people wanting to buy homes than there are homes for sale. This climate often results in high property prices, good returns for sellers, and generally means that sellers don’t have to work too hard.

Boost the Appeal of Your Home

However, in today’s market, buyers have the power, which means that sellers need to put in some work to set their home apart. If you are looking for easy ways to do this without spending a large sum of money, Speedy Title and Escrow Services has a post which can help.

First Impressions

It doesn’t matter if your yard consists of little more than a patch of grass, some shrubs, and maybe a small flower garden, or if you have an intricate front yard filled with ornaments and shrubbery. If you have a yard, it’s time to pay it attention.

  • Start by removing any debris on your hard, be it older ornaments which have passed their time or branches and leaves which has fallen. Whatever is on your lawn, clear it away.
  • Once your lawn is clear, bring out the lawnmower and give your lawns a quick clean up with a mow.
  • If you have any flowers or shrubs which are looking a little worse-for-wear, then spend some time pruning them back, even if it means that they don’t have flowers.

Once you are confident that you have finished, take a step back to the curb, and then cross the road and look at your yard again. This is the first view that potential buyers will see, so be sure it’s a good one.

Consistent Lighting

If you are showing your home at night then you will be relying on your ceiling lights during inspections. One of the worst things which a buyer wants to see is flickering lights, lights which take a long time to switch on, low lighting, and a house full of random bulbs. Take a tour of your home and look at the condition of the light fixtures and bulbs and, if you can see that a light isn’t as bright as is used to be or there is a blown bulb in a light-setting, mark it done and be sure to replace it. A consistent level of light throughout your home makes the space more appealing and considered, while fresh bulbs and lights which switch on immediately don’t make buyers nervous that there are greater electrical problems they can’t see. Before you open your home and its title up to buyer scrutiny, speak with Speedy Title and Escrow Services about arranging a title search. Buyers will need title insurance in Clinton Township, which means they require the title of your property to be clean and clear from errors. To find out more, speak with an expert today by calling (586) 739-2233.

Chipped Wood and Paint

Potential buyers don’t just want to know that the property will suit their needs, they also want to know if they can be expected to find and pay for a range of needed repairs post-settlement. Paint which is chipping away, wood with pieces missing of splinters showing, and peeling wallpaper can all lead buyers to believe that maintenance wasn’t important to the owner, and wonder what other problems they will encounter once settlement has occurred and they are financially responsible.

  • Tour the exterior of your property to identify any cracks, chips, or issues with paneling.
  • Perform the same tour of the interior of your home, paying particular attention to door frames, workspaces, and countertop, for chips or fractures.

When you have identified these items, you don’t necessarily have to bring them back to their former state. If you prefer, you can simply sand back any paint or chips to achieve a smooth surface. While this isn’t ideal, it shows the intention of upkeep and maintenance which can work in your favor.

Sticking Windows and Creaking Doors

Windows which stick and doors and stairs that creak can make a property feel haunted and be a real turn-off for potential buyers as it can be the sign of foundation problems. Look around your home for any of the following:

  • Creaks when you walk.
  • Doors which cream or stick.
  • Windows which won’t open or close smoothly.
  • Do your closet doors close completely.
  • What is the condition of your kitchen cupboards?

Before you open your property to buyer scrutiny, be sure to rectify these issues.

Anticipate Your Buyers’ Need for Title Insurance in Clinton Township

Smart buyers will take out a policy for title insurance, which requires a clear title. To find out more about how you can prepare your title for buyer scrutiny and speed up the sale process, speak with an expert at Speedy Title and Escrow Services today at (586) 739-2233.