Getting Ready for a Property Appraisal

Real estate appraiser estimating the price of a home

Getting Ready for a Property Appraisal

The better prepared you are for a home appraisal, the smoother the process will be, and the better results you will get. To prepare for a home appraisal, read this post by Speedy Title and Escrow Services, LLC in Clinton Township.

The better prepared you are for an event, the better you will fare at it. And if you're getting your property appraised, you must be well prepared for it. As you know, a home appraisal is a process through which an expert determines how much a property is worth (which can be useful if you're putting the place up for sale, getting a mortgage, or other). So, if you want the appraisal process to go over smoothly, as well as guarantee your property gets a high appraisal, make an effort to prepare for it effectively. To learn what steps you can take to that end, continue reading the post below.

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How to Prepare for an Appraisal

Get to Know the Appraisal Process Thoroughly

The first step to preparing for a home appraisal is learning what a home appraisal entails. As you're aware, the appraiser looks into the property's condition, amenities, neighborhood, records, its selling process, and the housing market to determine a property's worth. Learning more about this can help you in these ways:

  1. It will inform you about what the appraisers are looking for, which will help you plan for the appraiser much better.
  2. Since you will be more aware of the appraisal process, you will communicate effectively with the expert and share your questions/expectations.
  3. Plus, being informed will help you identify if there has been a problem with the process or if you've been lowballed.

Work with the Right Home Appraiser for You

An important part of your preparing process is to find a home appraiser with who you can work. One of the easiest ways to do that is to talk to your real estate agent. Often times, they work within a network of professionals, among which they'll likely find a good appraiser. If you want to take another route, you should ask your acquaintances for a suggestion. You can also find one online. In any case, make sure to check the appraisers' references, see some of their previous work, and learn more about their work ethic. If possible, interview a few appraisers until you find the one. Remember that you can still change appraisers later if you don't work well with your first choice.

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Get Your Property Completely Ready

Of course, you should prepare your property so you can have a higher appraisal. Luckily, this is the part of the process that you can have some control over. For example, you should look into the following pointers:

  • You should look around your property and notice what areas could use some light repairs. Fixing the small details (like the leaky pipes, the burnt-out lightbulbs, the faded color on the walls, the creaky doors, etc.) can make the greatest difference.
  • It's also imperative that you perform a deep cleaning session so that your property is clean and tidy for when the appraiser gets there. Clean out every nook and cranny, and de-clutter the items in the property so you can put your place's best face forward.
  • Lastly, take some time to fix up your property's exterior and curb appeal. To that end, mow the lawn, change out dead flowers, get rid of dead leaves and fallen branches, illuminate your door, wash windows, and dust off any patio furniture.

Keep Important Documents Handy

Last but not least, you won't be able to prepare for an appraiser effectively if you don't have certain documents handy. As stated above, the appraiser will notice the place's condition, its records, and other similar aspects to determine the estate's value. It's a great idea to ask the appraiser what they'll need beforehand, so you can have them available when they arrive. For example, they may ask you to present receipts for the renovations and maintenance done to the estate, as they will give the appraiser a better idea of what the property's condition is.

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