Deciding on Renting vs Buying a Property

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Deciding on Renting vs Buying a Property

Making the decision to stop renting and start investing on a house is very important. Read this post by Speedy Title and Escrow Services, LLC in Clinton Township to learn more about the advantages of each option.

Probably one of the most important decisions you'll make as an adult is to stop renting and to start investing in a house of your own. And because it is such an important decision to make, it's hard to know when you'll be ready to take that step. After all, renting and buying both have amazing benefits that you need to consider. If you're wondering if the timing is right for you to invest in a property, read this post. In it, you'll learn the advantages of each alternative, which can help you make the decision more easily.

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How to Decide Whether to Rent or Buy

The Case for Renting a Property

Most people will go through a 'renting phase' in which they will have a relationship with a landlord and live in their property. This has some awesome benefits that you may not have thought of; for example:

You Have a Lot More Freedom

Some people love the stability that being a homeowner gives you. The thing is, said stability ties you down for one spot for years and years. Being a renter means that you can move pretty much anywhere and everywhere you like (even a new country!).

There's No Home Buying Stress

If you know anything about the home buying process, it's probably that it's stressful and overwhelming. From house hunting and dealing with agents and lawyers, to thwarting off real estate fraud, the process can take it out of you. Luckily, you won't deal with it if you rent.

No Mortgage Needed

A mortgage is a loan that can help home buyers fulfill their dream of owning a property. Still, as a loan, it needs to be paid back. If you have a mortgage, you need to be prepared for a huge debt that you'll have to spend years and years to pay back.

No Housing Market Drama

The economy and especially the housing market can be very unpredictable. Though being a renter doesn't exempt you from them, it won't put you in as much peril as if you were buying.

Not as Many Responsibilities

The renter's life can be less stressful, dramatic, and overwhelming. This is because you won't have to take care of a property (its maintenance its taxes, and more). To lead a more relaxed life, continue to rent.

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The Case for Buying a Property

While renting can be great, most people aim at becoming a homeowner at some point during their life. This is because being a homeowner can also have some pretty great advantages. Here are a few of them:

You Have Stability and Security

Knowing that you have a property can give you so much peace of mind. You'll feel more stable, secure, and rewarded after you have a property that you can truly call your own.

There are Fixed Monthly Fees

The most financially overwhelming part of the home buying process is the downpayment. Still, after you've paid it off, paying your monthly mortgage fees will be just as paying rent, but this will go towards your own property.

No Dealing With Landlords

There are good landlords out there. But there are difficult ones, too. Ones that will increase your rent heavily, kick you out of the place on short notice, rent you out a horrible property, and more. If you buy, you won't have to deal with them any more.

You Have a Patrimony

Knowing that you have something to pass on to your children or loved ones can produce a feeling that's very difficult to explain. A patrimony can change your life and of the people you hold most dear.

You Can Do What You Want

Do you want to rent the property? Do you feel like completely tearing it down? Do you get an urge to paint all of it a bright neon yellow? Do it! It's your place. You can pretty much do whatever you want with it.

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