Best Housewarming Ideas

Best Housewarming Ideas

You just signed on your new home at the title company, and you couldn't be more thrilled. Now, you want to share your accomplishment with your friends and family, so a housewarming party is in order. Speedy Title and Escrow Services is a title and escrow company that serves Michigan, Ohio, and Florida. Below, we'll go over some of the best housewarming ideas. Contact our title specialists today!


Choose a Theme

You want to make your housewarming party fun and something your attendees will remember. By choosing a theme, you can more easily plan decorations, decore, games, and more. Popular housewarming themes include luaus, winter wonderlands, beach paradises, and more. Beer tasting is a popular housewarming theme as well since wine and champagne are traditionally served. Here you can have craft beer as well as the more traditional cocktails on hand to meet everyone's taste buds.


Choose Easy-to-Eat and Easy-to-Make Food and Beverages

Odds are, you won't have enough seats for all of your guests, so they will most likely be mixing and mingling, indoors and outdoors. When choosing the food for the evening, choose food that is easy for your guests to grab and eat with maybe a small plate or a napkin. This ensures that the food is eaten, and it's a lot less work on your part. Plus, the last thing you want is some messy food spilled all over your brand new home's rugs or carpets.


Plan Voluntary and Easy Activities

Corn hole. That is what should come to mind when you are choosing activities and games for your housewarming party. Many people don't like to participate in games, especially after a long day or week at work. Yet, some people love games, and they love the chance to play them with friends. By choosing games that are voluntary and easy in nature, you'll be satisfying all of your guests.


Gratitude & Celebration

You are proud of your new home, especially if it's your first one. You want to show your guests that you are grateful that they took the time to celebrate this momentous occasion with them. Having a great party favor to give your guests, especially if it's unexpected, is a nice gesture that your guests will remember. It doesn't have to be extravagant; in fact, the simpler, the better. A simple red rose, for example, will suffice.


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