6 Things to Watch Out For in Older Properties

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6 Things to Watch Out For in Older Properties

When house hunting, you may be lured by older properties. Before you make an investment, read this post by Speedy Title and Escrow Services, LLC in Clinton Township to learn what to look out for when touring older properties.

Look at the image above. Doesn't that place seem lovely? You can easily picture yourself sitting next to the fireplace in this property, taking a stroll through its garden, and being able to enjoy the charm and stunning architecture of it. Still, you shouldn't let its looks and charms sway you away so easily. When making a huge financial decision, like that of investing on a property, you should check beneath the surface to guarantee you're making the right decision for you. For that reason, this post will share some issues that are common in older properties. This way, you can keep them in mind and look out for them when viewing a charming, older estate.

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What Issues to Search for in an Older Property

Toxic Materials

Nowadays, we know that asbestos and lead paint are highly toxic and that we shouldn't be exposed to them for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, this wasn't common knowledge a few decades back. This may mean that the older property you've been looking was built with these toxic materials, which is not what you want for your and your family's health. To ensure there are no traces of them, have a specialized home inspector look at it.

A Bug Infestation

When you're purchasing a property, you probably don't want it to come with unwanted roommates in it, right? Termites, ants, roaches, moths, mold, dust mites, fleas, and even rats and bats can inhabit an old, unkempt property. Not only are they nasty, but they can be bad for your health. Furthermore, it can be troublesome, costly, and time-consuming to get completely rid of them. Once again, a professional will be able to inspect the property and assess if there's an infestation you should be aware of before buying.

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Design Flaws

When you see an older property, you probably focus on the charming architectural details from the past: the tall ceilings, big windows, the wooden fixtures, the vintage tiles, and more. Still, while the older design style can definitely be a big plus, it can also be a big con. Especially if the property hasn't been maintained and updated properly, you may find not-so-pleasant surprises: smaller closets, crooked windows and doors that don't shut all the way, outdated and lackluster tiles, etc. Look for these issues and consider how important they are to you so you can make a decision.

Disordered Paperwork

With a long history, comes a big pile of paperwork and records. This means that the older the property you're looking at is, the more documents you will have to go through. Unfortunately, if the records weren't kept up properly, you never know what issues could be hiding in them (from undisclosed heirs, to mistakes on the title, and more). In the end, this could put your investment and claim on the property in peril. To avoid this situation, work with a title services company that can provide title searches and title insurance, so you can close your real estate deal successfully and safely.

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Structural Problems

Back in the day, people had different information and technology when it came to building a house. Moreover, if the owner of the property didn't do a good job at keep up with its maintenance over the years, then it's no wonder that older properties often have structural problems. Of course, you want to have a roof over your head that's safe and functional. To that end, have a professional home inspector look into the soundness of the property's structure. This can save you a lot of trouble and money later on.

Outdated Systems

Finally, remember to consider the systems and installations in the house. Once more, improper (or nonexistent) care can cause them to fail, which is super annoying and even dangerous. The AC system, the electrical installations, the plumbing, and other similar areas that keep your home functional and comfortable need professional service. Have an expert look at them and assess the condition they're in before you invest in the property.

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