6 Reasons Why Title Companies Are So Important

Buying a home is a huge decision and a huge part of your life. There are many factors to consider, and here at Speedy Title, we wanted to provide you with several reasons why we always are working to become the best title company in Metro Detroit.

The fact of the matter is most people buy or sell a home only a few times in their lifetime. This means you may not be likely to have a title company on hand to assist in this process.

It’s very important to find a trustworthy and knowledgeable title company near you. This is true if it is for sale by the owner or if you are using a real estate agent.

We believe it’s also very important to select a company that’s not only an affordable title company in Detroit but also a title company that’s engaged with the local community. Even more important if it is a double closing.

We at Speedy Title pride ourselves on being a Michigan title company with great communication, expertise, and of course an affordable price.

Consumers can also consult with their title insurance professional, lender, or real estate agent, and oftentimes ask family/friends for recommendations as well.

With that being said, we wanted to take the time to provide you with SIX reasons why title companies are so important. Here are five things to consider when choosing the best title company in Metro Detroit:

1. Choose a local title company

Identify a company with deep roots in the community and a vested interest in seeing the community succeed. Ask your realtor or lender questions about our title company. How are their loyalty and reputation? Visit the Title Company Website and search for the company online.

2. Identifies Liens for unpaid taxes on your property

You will want to choose a title company that has a solid reputation and will be around for years after you close on your property. They can identify liens that can be placed against the property by a contractor, or a tax that hasn’t been paid. Now is the time to get it cleared up – before you own the property.

3. Knowledgeable staff with good reviews

The more experience the Title company has and the more deals that they have closed will benefit you. They will be able to navigate through challenges and problems they encounter and know how to fix them so the property you are getting is free and clear.

4. Undisclosed Heirs

After you close on your home or property you don’t want to find out the title is not yours in the end. Someone’s will could have been overlooked and it has happened.

5. Current Lawsuits or disputes on the property

Your Title company will be able to ensure there are no forged documents, there is no fraud, or any prior clerical errors or omissions. You should own your new property free and clear!

6. Wholesale Investors

If you’re buying and selling multiple properties per month, waiting that long for a title agent to get things in order isn’t always convenient — or possible. Because of this, working with a wholesale-friendly title company is extremely important.

We wish you the best of luck in your home buying/selling process and we’re here to help lend a hand however we can.

As always, we look forward to the opportunity of earning your business. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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