4 Benefits of Having Title Insurance

4 Benefits of Having Title Insurance

Title insurance protects the buyer of a home or office from financial losses if a challenge to the owner of the property arises. Speedy Title and Escrow Services based in Clinton TWP in Michigan offers title insurance for buyers and sellers. Learn about four benefits of having title insurance, and contact us today!

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Title insurance protects the buyer against any liens on the property that may arise after they have closed on the property. A lien is a claim put on a property by a creditor, saying that they are owed money by the property owner.

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Titles are documents that, like any other document, can be forged and found to be fraudulent of some nature. Title insurance will protect you financially if fraud of any kind is found on the title and/or property.

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Real Estate Tax Control

If former owners have not paid their real estate taxes, a real estate lien could be placed on the property as well. When you partner with Speedy Title and Escrow Services, you can rest assured that our title insurance will cover any real estate taxes from the past.

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Title insurance will protect you against all risks that may crop up from claims on the title that were missed during the title search process. The title company provides legal counsel and pays legal costs if your home or property claim is challenged in court. If the party's claim is valid, you will be reimbursed for any financial losses.


Speedy Title and Escrow Services has years of experience in protecting property owners in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida from claims on their title after closing. Title insurance is a very minimal cost to have peace of mind about your property purchase. If you have questions, reach out to our team, and get started today!