Our Team

We are a full service company with closers, escrow funders, examiners and marketing responsibilities. Our searches and exams are very extensive where we strive to protect your biggest investments. Give us a call and one of our courteous staff members will be more than happy to assist.

Traci Meyer, Senior Processor _Funder.jpg

Senior Processor

Nancy Minauro, Senior Processor.jpg

Senior Processor

Jenna Kulbertis, Senior Processor_Funder.jpg

Senior Processor/Funder

Heather Cross , Senior Processor_Funder.jpg

Senior Processor/Funder

Cynthia Mead, Senior Examiner.jpg

Senior Examiner

Malisa Hayes, Senior Transaction Coordinator .jpg

Senior Transaction Coordinator

Judy Hoch, Commerical Exam Specialist.jpg

Commercial Exam Specialist

Violet Sinishtaj, Scheduling Coordinator.jpg

Scheduling Coordinator

Darlene Crayton, Customer Service Specialist.jpg

Customer Service Specialist